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A Global translation company that grows with customers based on IT technology

We sincerely welcome all of you who visited EverTran's homepage.

The rapid globalization poses the challenge of "overcoming language barriers." A wide variety of solutions have been absolutely necessary to facilitate the global communication. Now, in the unproductive way of the past, it is impossible to perform the global translation work that becomes larger and multilingual in a precise, fast and unified manner. Automated tools, sharing of data over the Internet, and utilizing and sharing of vast amounts of language resources are essential for translators, translation companies and businesses.

Under state-of-the-art translation services platform environment developed by utilizing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that lead the fourth industrial revolution, and Computer-Assisted Translation technology, EverTran delivers the best translations by language experts in a high quality and low cost, and within a short time to give success and impression to the customer, which allows us to realize "the translation service with the fusion of technology and human being". We also provide the translation software, the translation solutions, and the translation platform developed based on the source technology of translation through our own IT technology research institute to enterprises and translators all over the world.

Our translation services continuously accumulate all language resources produced by translation, especially translation memory (the pair of original text and translated text), allowing companies or individuals to recycle them at any time. We provide a discount on translation for memory stored in translation database, which enables the companies to realize their goal of translation cost savings. Especially, we can reduce translation costs by more than 30 percent for a wide variety of manual translations in industrial fields, and have translation platforms and experts to handle the work in a short time while maintaining high quality of translation.

If you choose EverTran as a partner for your translation work, we promise you to reply with the highest translation quality, faster delivery and low translation fees though our translation know-how accumulated over the past 20 years. Sincerely,