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Request for Real-Time Translation Quotation

Enter the basic information and translation/interpretation information, and you can receive document analysis data (translation) and quotes immediately.

Translation Category If a native speaker's review for the translation is required, please select
"Expert Translation & Native Speaker's Review".
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Target Language
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The formats supported for this online real-time quotation are docx, xlsx and pptx file (MS-Office 2007 or later) and hwp file (HanCom Office).
If the file format is doc, xls and ppt (MS-Office 2003 or earlier), please use the online [Request for Translation Quotation] menu.
If you have a pdf file or a large number of files, compress them into a zip file and request an estimate using the [Request for Translation Quotation] menu, and we will process it immediately.

If you have any problems such as errors when requesting a real time quote, please contact the Customer Center.

  • CScenter 02-797-2105
  • webmaster@evertran.com
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