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Business Overview

The global economic slowdown is raising the issue of corporate cost savings. We help corporates reduce translation costs and enhance corporate competitiveness by making innovative changes in the translation business of them. If you become our agency, you can generate revenue through innovative translation service (translation bank) sales.

We in EverTran value your knowledge and experience as well as the human resources you have accumulated over the years as a salesperson in translation. We are hoping to recruit competent salespersons who want to make the most of your profits by taking advantage of 100% of your human resources and know-how.

Who is eligible?

  • Person who can obtain the order for the translation project while working freelance of translation
  • Executive officer who runs a translation company
  • Retired executives and department heads who want to challenge new areas after retirement from corporations, military, and government offices
  • Person who can has connections in various levels of hierarchies to obtain the order for the translation project

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We will do our best to provide customers with fast and convenient translation service by providing various customer support system. We will be your translation service partner for your success.

Profit structure and sales support

  • Commission to salesperson (15% of initial delivery fee / 10% in case of re-request)
  • Provides real-time management page accounts for the sales (cumulative) status
  • After one year, salesperson can be converted to full-time worker after consultation of his performance
    • Manager
    • Kim Chang Seon
    • Phone
    • 02-797-2105 / 010-2120-5357
    • E-mail
    • cskim@evertran.com
  • Please send us your name and contact information by email and we will contact you.