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50% discount on translation for contents stored in our translation database

With EverTran's translation service, you can accumulate translation memories through your individual language resource management account and reduce translation costs for the translated memory contained in the account in the future. Now, you can request a translation at a low cost and utilize translation memory.

How to Calculate the Translation Fees

EverTran has a large number of outstanding translators (using VisualTran Mate) not only in Korea but also in foreign countries. We provide accurate translations after a thorough review and corrections any time customers desire.

Translation Fee(E) = Non-Repeated Translation Fee(B) + Repeated Translation Fee(C) + Recycled Translation Fee(D)

Translation Volume Translation Volume Application Rate of Unit Price(to base unit price)
Total Volume (A) Total Number of Words to Translate
Non-Repeated Translation Volume (B) Number of Words for Non-Repeated Sentences 100%
Repeated Translation Volume (C) Number of Words for Repeated Sentences in the Document 50%
Recycled Translation Volume (D) Number of Words for the Recycled Sentences Stored in the Member Translation Knowledge Account 10%
Volume Excluded from Translation (=A-B-C-D) Number of Words for Characters that do not Need to be Translated, such as Symbols in front of a Sentence and Numeric Characters 0
  • The unit price of the translation is applied according to the volume, expertise and urgency, so it is necessary to check the original document for accurate estimates.
  • Please send the whole or part of the original document as a sample for a more accurate estimate.
  • The format and composition (font size, multi-editing, image, etc.) of a document vary, so the estimates can be applied differently.
  • Please call our Customer Service and we will provide a detailed consultation.

Translation Cost Calculation Criteria

  • For PDF documents, the cost of character recognition and text editing may be added.
  • Special discounts are available if you provide a glossary.
  • The cost varies depending on the specialty, volume and urgency of translation.
  • In principle, if the estimate is less than 1 million won, the full payment shall be made in advance.