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VisualTran Mate

Translation work in the enterprise is mainly handled as an internal translation work by internal personnel and as an outsourced service that requests translation to a translation specialist company. If your internal translation staff translates directly, we recommend VisualTran Mate, which is the Computer Aided Translation software.

VisualTran Mate is a proven translation software validated in Samsung Electronics, the Bank of Korea, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Air Force Logistics Command (AFLC), and can reduce the translation cost and time by more than 30%, and can increase translation quality by approx. more than 30%.
VisualTran Mate is provided separately for personal package software and server (for multiple users). As per server version, it is a product developed to improve the quality (consistency in terms and style) and perform translation work quickly by sharing translation memory and a glossary for a large volume translation in a translation company or a global company. It is supplied by the number of users (5 users, 10 users, etc.).
With the IT-based translation infrastructure, you can possess terminology and translation memory by language / field generated from translation work to enhance the efficiency (higher translation quality, cost and time savings).

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  • Supports all languages in the world, especially 2-byte languages such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese completely
  • Maintains the format of MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) documents and HanCom documents (hwp)
    ※ However, complex form-based HanCom documents may be limited in some functions and technical support.
  • Reference terms are provided by language (English↔Korean : 300,000 words, Korean→일 : Japanese: 150,000 words, Chinese↔Korean: 220,000 words, English→Chinese: 180,000 words)
  • Translation memory, term auto search and replacement function using language processing techniques
  • Quality Assurance (QA) and translation history management function for reviewer
  • Document cleanup (remove the original text while maintaining the original format and create the translated file)
  • Capable of extracting a report of source texts + translated texts in the format of Excel or Word
  • Provides English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional) and Korean User Interface
  • Glossary building function based on the frequency of terms through the term extraction function

VisualTran Mate LKMS

VisualTran Mate LKMS system, which is a language resource management system, is the highest-level translation support server solution that integrates translation memories and glossaries using communication technology in conjunction with VisualTran Mate, which is a translation support tool, and manages projects, translators‘ work progress, translation memory and glossaries, reducing translation cost by more than 30% and improving translation quality [assuring consistency].

The results translated by professional translators or personnel in companies, research institutes and government offices can be built up into the Translation Memory and Glossaries (Binary Dictionary), which can be managed in an integrated and systematic way. In addition, the automatic translation solution enables quick access to overseas information.

Inquiry +82-2-797-2105 / cslee@evertran.com


  • VisualTran Mate LKMS (Language Knowledge Management System) supports multilingual language code, UTF-8 (encoding), and provides overall translation process (translation, review, results) management function.
  • Supports translation output in a consistent context by sharing language resources (translation memory, glossary) in real time
  • Capable to log in as a translator, Project Manager (PM) or administrator to access and manage the contents by his/her right.
  • Provides the ability to possess and share language resources such as translation memory and glossary through the security server
  • Provides the ability to review and edit language resources on the web screen without a separate client program
  • Language resources are able to be categorized (by sector or department) and managed in detail.