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The paradigm of translation services is changing.

Under the computer translation services platform environment utilizing big data, a computer-assisted translation system and an artificial intelligence translation system that will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution, EverTran automates and standardizes the entire translation process, which is performed by language experts to improve the translation quality, reduce the translation cost and deliver the best results within a short time, enabling “the translation service with the fusion of technology and people.”

To improve the quality of translations, we have trained translators specialized in each field and language to utilize the computer assisted translation tool (VisualTran Mate), enabling improved quality and quick delivery for customers. In particular, we have qualified professional translators not only in Korea but also all over the world who are trained and capable of utilizing the translation tool, which enables us to provide more efficient translation services.

Since the efficiency and quality of traditional translation services was limited, we have been improving the translation quality and delivering the results quickly at a low cost through the system-based translation services. Compare the translation costs, quality and delivery time, and choose our translation company. EverTran's translation service enables High Quality, Low Cost, and Quick Delivery.

Please send us a file to be translated and we will send you a quote quickly. Use our service after reviewing it. We will do our best to provide you with the best translation service until you are satisfied.


We are trying to move the hearts of customers through our professional translation service platform developed to improve the translation quality, reduce the cost and deliver the results quickly by automating the entire translation process and utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and language resources (CAT) technologies that will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • The world's lowest translation costs
  • The best translation quality
  • Quick delivery
  • Global language experts group
  • Received many orders from government agencies, corporations, research institutes, and universities
  • Technology innovator that specializes in translation and is certified by the government of the Republic of Korea and Microsoft
  • Reduce costs and improve translation quality by recycling language resources
  • Translation and multi-layered review using powerful translation platforms and translation tools
  • Rapid receipt of original texts and comprehensive analysis data of translation consulting
  • Differentiated services
  • Specialized in enterprise translation using the industry specialized terminology database
  • Operate Language Service Provider (LSP) training evaluation management system
  • The Best Translation Quality
  • Each language experts group creates translations by linking a method of building and recycling language resources through translation memory technology and terminology technology, and a method of using Artificial Intelligence Machine Translation Solutions in our in-house developed Computer-Assisted Translation Solution environment. These translations are verified by the multilayered reviewer system, ensuring the quality of the translations.
  • Quick Delivery
  • The entire translation service process, such as the receipt of the original text, project and schedule control, language expert assignment, translation and review, delivery, and A/S is processed quickly like a conveyor system by linking experts and process modules in each sector under the translation service platform, enabling quick delivery. All processes are assigned a process sector, process number, process designation, process detail work and personnel (main, sub), and are processed consistently and quickly according to the service instructions. At this time, customers are immediately informed of the customer-related matters by SMS.
  • Global Language Experts Group
  • The original text received from the customer is analyzed by the language processing analyst group (IT experts and language specialists) using our in-house developed language processing analysis solution, and our strategy for optimal translation. Translation tasks are assigned to experienced language specialists out of the Language Service Provider (LSP) group who specialize in each language, field and major to perform optimized translation. The language experts translate and review translations using our translation support tool and artificial intelligence machine translation (option) in conjunction with our in-house developed translation platform.
  • We Have Received Many Orders from Government Agencies, Corporations, Research Institutes and Universities
  • We have been recognized for translating quality assurance, low-cost translation, rapid delivery and reliability, which has allowed us to handle a lot of large-scale translation projects from companies, research institutes, government offices, etc.

    [Key Performance]
    We have over 1,000 corporations and other customers, including Gyeonggi Province, the Federation of Small and Medium Business (KBIZ), Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), Ssangyong Information & Communications, Lotte, Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries, Sahmyook University and Wonkwang University.
  • Reduce costs and improve translation quality by recycling language resources
  • Language experts translate on the translation platform and constantly build up and reuse terminology and translations on the language resource server. The established terms and sentences are reused, so the more translations you request, the higher the translation quality and the lower the translation cost. By leveraging language resources that have already been built, the translation cost can be reduced by approximately 90%. Language resources are built on fully secure servers by customers and can be reused at any time. Language resource building and recycling will be carried out after the customer signs a contract with us.
  • Translation and Multi-layered Review Using Powerful Translation Platforms and Translation Tools
  • Under the powerful translation platform consisting of Big Data, a Computer-Assisted Translation System and Artificial Intelligence Machine Translation System, translations and reviews are carried out by experts from each division through the standardized process systems and manuals. Upon completion of the translation, the results are reviewed for delivery. Specialized reviewers conduct the multilayered inspection process via one-to-one correspondence between the original and translated texts through the Multilayered Quality Assurance system. Translation and verification is handled within a thoroughly secure platform.
  • Rapid Receipt of Original Texts and Comprehensive Analysis Data of Translation Consulting
  • After the original texts are received via website, email, Webhard, etc., the documents are analyzed by the document analysis experts on the translation platform. Then, the "Comprehensive Analysis Data of Translation Consulting" that reflects the customer's requirements (usage, translation quality, translation cost, due date, etc.) is sent to the customer.

    The "Comprehensive Analysis Data of Translation Consulting" includes the quotation sheets that present the repeated sentences resulting from the analysis of the document, the quantity to be translated, the translation method that reflects the customer's preferences, the estimated translation charge, and the analysis report.. Our consultations are carried out by professional translation consultants.
  • Differentiated Services
  • Translation orders, payment information and language resources (original text, translations and terminology) can be viewed on your computer and mobile device, and the bilingual text files (including the original text and translated text), glossary files and terminology sources in Excel format are provided.. In addition, customers can enjoy differentiated translation services such as a discount on translation fees for repetitive sentences, our comprehensive A/S policy, and so on.
  • Specialized in Enterprise Translation Using the Industry Specialized Terminology Database
  • We have been built the terminology database systematically for more than 30 industries and institutions (business, trade, IT, electronics, military, metal, finance, education, machinery, religious institutions, semiconductors, law, math, physics, medical, medicine, automotive, power generation, earth, environment, civil engineering, architecture, aviation, chemistry, shipping, etc.). These resources allow us to consolidate terms to create consistent translated sentences, ensuring a higher quality of translation.

    Company Profile, Business Plan, Management Analysis, Financial Statements, Accounting Data, Contracts, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Agreement, Articles of Incorporation, Litigation Documents, Written Judgment, Patent Documents, Hardware, Software, Database, Technical Document, Standards, Specifications, User Manual, Industrial Technology Field, Equipment Manual, Specifications, Bid Proposals, Medicine, Pharmacy, Oriental Medicine, Biology, Biotechnology, Clinical Trial Resources, 의료기Medical Devices, Social Science, Literature, History, Education, Publishing, Politics, Reports, Thesis Abstracts, Academic Theses, etc.
  • Operate Language Service Provider (LSP) Training Evaluation Management System
  • We have operated a Language Expert Comprehensive Management System that covers the recruitment of Language Service Providers (LSPs) throughout the world, including translators, reviewers and post editors, the verification of competencies such as IT and translation ability tests, regular training for improved translation processing,(for preventing omissions, errors, mistranslations, etc.) by the training evaluation team, and the management of ratings of the translators through translation quality assessment.
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