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Why Smart Translation Factory Service Platform?

We provide a smart ICT-based total system over the entire translation process in order to increase the translation quality, reduce the translation cost, and deliver results quickly, increasing revenue.

  • The Pain of Translation Companies 1
  • Is it impossible to automate the entire process from quote to delivery?
  • The Pain of Translation Companies 2
  • Do they use S/W for translation and review?
  • The Pain of Translation Companies 3
  • Is there a solution for recycling translation memory and terminology?
  • The Pain of Translation Companies 4
  • Is the translation project and progress well managed?

Why you have to choose Smart Translation Factory Service Platform?

STFS is the translation service platform service which is developed to build up and recycle all translation information, translation memory and glossary for customers, translator, reviewers, project managers and company operators, and continually upgraded.

  • Quick and accurate sending and receiving of translation work documents
  • All documents related to translation work, including quotation sheets, document analysis data, contracts and accounting materials, are automatically sent and received, and Short Message Service (SMS) about that are sent to the customer.

  • Real-time building up of language resources, search and recycling
  • Building and recycling language resources (translation memory, terminology) in real time enables to rapidly produce high-quality translations and recycle language resources (customer)

  • Management and evaluation for translators and reviewers
  • Establish criteria to evaluate the ability of translation processing (for preventing missing, mistakes, mistranslations, etc.) for translators and reviewers, and evaluate them comprehensively to train them as experts.

  • Translation platform to lead the 4th industrial revolution
  • Improves translation productivity by reducing translators' contribution and increasing the use of CAT translation memory technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine translation

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