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A technology innovator in translation that is certified by the government of the Republic of Korea and satisfies customers

The Most Reliable Translation Company. Achieved the ISO Translation Quality Certification, INOBIZ Technology Innovation Certification and Venture Business Certification. Ranked 1st in Korea Quality Satisfaction Service in 2017

We Operate a Professional Translation Service Platform (Smart Translation Factory) Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Technology

We Operate a Smart Translation Service Platform to build up and reuse language resources based on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Computer-Assisted Translation technology that will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution era, and standardize and systematize the translation process to provide high-quality translations

Differentiated Translation Services such as Providing Translated Files, Bilingual Text Files (original texts + translated texts) and Glossaries, and Discounts on Repeated Sentence Translation and Infinite A/S policy

We provide a bilingual text file that contains original texts and translated texts along with a translated file, and a glossary at the time of delivery, and ensure the best translation service for customers through our strict A/S policy

Since 1997

20-Year-Experience of Global Translation Service
based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

EverTran will Brighten the World with the Fusion of People and Technology.

Why EverTran Translation Services Are So Special

Ranked 1st in Korea Quality Satisfaction Service in 2017

  • Smart Translation Factory
  • Smart Translation Factory with powerful translation solutions authorized by Microsoft and rich language resources
  • Operate Specialized Translation Team
  • Our Translation Project Management Team is composed of language experts, translation and review specialists, IT experts and editing specialists
  • Automation Quality Management
  • Quality Management through the professional translators who have expert knowledge and translation experience, and automation of the entire process
  • Discounts on Translation Fees
  • Symbols in front of a sentence, numbers, etc. are not calculated into the charges for translation. Repeated sentences are discounted. The discounts are 30% ~ 50% or more depending on the quantity (a comparative estimate is accepted).
  • Rapid Translation and Delivery
  • We deliver within the customer's desired timeframe in principle. Rapid translation and delivery through internal translators. File split translation. Multiple translators work on a project
  • Thorough Follow-up Care
  • We provide a complete follow-up (correct errors, etc.), a bilingual text file for viewing both the original texts and the translation, and a glossary.

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